Our Services

  • Training of existing Staff
  • Rough Input
  • Input of Cleavage problematic and High Tension rough
  • Stone Mapping and Planning including 'Opening Windows'
  • Conventional Abrasive and Laser Sawing
  • Selective Removal of Light and Heavy Diamond Coatings
  • Bruting Technology - Download the 2011 Bruting Stick Brochure
  • Laser profiling cutting of 'Fancy Shapes'
  • Modern Scaife Technology and Lapping
  • Industry Sieve Plates - Download the 2011 Industry Standard Sieve Plate Brochure
  • Diamond Powders for Polishing and Sawing
  • Complete Polishing process of Round and Fancy Shapes to GIA standards
  • Preventative Dop and Tang maintenance
  • Forward planning for the purchase of spare parts and consumable components
  • Acidising and Cleaning of Finished Diamonds
  • Quality Control to include Microscope and Computer analysis for purity and final proportion of stones

Diamond Impregnated Scaive on Blanchard Blue Box Abrasive Sawing Russian Automatic Bruter Tang Maintenance